United Healthcare Community Plan of Virginia
  Diabetes Management Assessment Form
  Participating pharmacies and patients must be approved for participation by United Healthcare Community Plan of Virginia. Please verify eligibility with program administrator prior to submitting.
  Instructions for completing the Diabetes Management Assessment Form:
  Gather information from multiple sources including existing patient records and other health care professionals
    - Conduct a medication history interview with the patient
    - For each medication, gather information on adherence, effectiveness, potential side effects (i.e., safety), and whether it can be taken as intended (e.g., access and affordability)
    - Inquire as to who primarily manages the patient's medications and how this process works (e.g., pill boxes, calendars, reminders)
    - Ask what the patient's own goals are for his/her health
    - Obtain information about patient's diabetes (e.g., history of hospitalizations in the past six months, frequency of blood sugar / A1c testing, baseline activity level, etc.)
    - Obtain any necessary lab values and/or measurements (e.g., baseline blood sugar, A1c, blood pressure)
    - Conduct any necessary physical assessments (e.g., foot exam)
  All submissions must include a completed care plan assessment.
  Please download and complete the assessment form, available below, or upload care plan document created through your clinical software program.
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  Please complete the following information:
  CPESN - Diabetes Management and Education: Initial Assessment Form -- Download and Upload:
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